Every Scribbled Script: A Learning Curve!


Lights, camera, action! But wait, not so fast. The magic of filmmaking doesn’t begin on set but rather on the humble pages of a draft screenplay. Every aspiring filmmaker and seasoned director alike know the grueling process all too well. As I sit here flipping through stacks of what some might call ‘wasted drafts,’ I can’t help but chuckle at the thought. Wasted? Hardly. In every crumpled page and crossed-out scene, there’s a lesson to be gleaned, a growth to be had. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of draft screenplays, shall we?

Embracing Your ‘Wasted’ Drafts: Every Word Counts!

Oh, the humanity! A draft screenplay that didn’t make the cut. Wasted, you say? Pardon my chuckle, but that’s like saying my cat, Lucky, wastes time chasing his tail. It’s all part of the process. Every word, every scene, every seemingly insignificant detail that you breathe life into can contribute to the development of your storytelling skills. So take heart, because every ‘wasted’ draft is an invaluable opportunity for growth.

Think of it this way: every strike of the keyboard is a muffled note on a vinyl record. It might seem insignificant alone, but when played together, they create a beautiful symphony of thoughts and ideas. Every draft screenplay you write is your symphony, a testament to your evolving creativity and storytelling acumen. Even if the story doesn’t pan out, or the characters seem bland, there’s always something to learn. As they say, there’s beauty in the struggle, right?

Unearthing Lessons from Every Scribbled Script

Remember when you first started using a computer? All those hilarious typos and formatting errors? Yet, you persisted, improving with every mouse click and keyboard stroke. The same applies to drafting screenplays. Each ‘scribbled script’ is a stepping stone towards a polished, compelling narrative. It’s a journey filled with plot twists and character developments that might not make it to the final reel, but that doesn’t mean they’re without value.

Every word written, every character sketched, every plot twist devised, they’re all building blocks. They help shape your unique storytelling style, enabling you to spin richer narratives with each new draft. So, next time you find yourself staring at a ‘wasted’ draft, instead of sulking in despair, try to uncover the lessons it offers. Who knows, you might just find the next revolutionary idea hidden in its depths.


In the grand scheme of filmmaking, there’s no such thing as a wasted draft screenplay. Like the subtle scratches on an old vinyl record or the slightly off-kilter antics of my dear Mr. Whiskers, they add texture and depth to the story of our journey. Every word penned, every scene conceptualized, and every character that’s brought to life, regardless of whether they make it to the big screen, have their purpose. They hone our skills, help us explore new storytelling territories, and above all, remind us that the road to success is paved with drafts aplenty. Remember, every script you scribble is a learning curve in your cinematic symphony!

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