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Nostalgia: My ’90s School’s Out vs His

As my son bursts through the front door, school’s-out grin on his face, I’m instantly transported back to my own ’90s summer send-offs. The sensation of sheer freedom, the promise of endless summer adventures – things change, yet they stay the same. Nostalgia, meet the new generation.

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Lunar Loathe: My Anti-Moon Manifesto!

Beaming under the lunar allure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! In my manifesto, ‘Lunar Loathe,’ I’m kick-starting a cosmic revolution, boldly declaring: ‘Keep me off your moon rosters!’ Why? Gravity, isolation, and a tragic lack of pizza delivery! Stay tuned, Earthlings, as I unveil my anti-moon manifesto!

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Should I Dive into Weekly Livestreaming?

Do you love connecting with your audience on a deeper level? Crave real-time interaction? Pull up a chair, grab your favorite cuppa and let’s chat. Picture this – weekly livestreaming. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. This could be your golden ticket to ramp up engagement. Should you dive in? Let’s explore.

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