Should I Dive into Weekly Livestreaming?


So you’re thinking about plunging head-first into the world of weekly livestreaming? Seems everyone is doing it these days. From the guy in his basement playing “Call of Duty” on Twitch to the vinyl-collecting, feline-obsessed cinephile (yes, yours truly), everyone seems to be getting their 15 minutes—or more—of fame. But, should you follow suit? Let’s swim through the pros and cons, and figure out if you should dive into weekly livestreaming.

The Pros and Cons of Weekly Livestreaming

Weekly livestreaming can be as exhilarating as a cat pouncing on a laser pointer, with comparable amounts of energy required. On the pro side, it can be a great platform to share your passions, whether it’s creating catchy tunes on your vintage synthesizer or discussing the cinematography of obscure French New Wave films. Besides, by creating a regular schedule, you can build an audience who eagerly anticipate your streams.

But let’s not forget the flip side of the vinyl. Livestreaming, especially on a weekly basis, can be time-consuming, and maintaining an engaging online presence can take a toll. You may find yourself facing burnout if you’re not careful. Plus, the internet, while it’s a great place to meet like-minded people, can also be a breeding ground for trolls. It’s important to be prepared for the occasional negative audience interaction.

How to Determine if Weekly Livestreaming is for You

So, how do you know if weekly livestreaming is your cup of chai? Think of it this way: if your computer is your trusty companion without which your day feels incomplete, and the idea of sharing your interests with a potentially global audience makes your heart race faster than a kitten chasing a yarn ball, livestreaming might be for you.

However, if the idea of committing to a regular schedule feels like a ball and chain, or if the thought of handling the occasional internet goblin gives you the heebie-jeebies, you may want to reconsider. Keep in mind, livestreaming should be fun, not another chore.

Getting Started: Tips for Your First Weekly Livestream

If after weighing the pros and cons you’re still keen on diving into weekly livestreaming, well, kudos to you, brave soul. Here are some tips for your maiden voyage.

Firstly, have a clear plan for what you want to talk about or do during your livestream. Whether it’s a Q&A session, a how-to guide or just chatting about your interests, having a clear focus will help keep your audience engaged. Secondly, test your equipment before going live to avoid technical glitches. And remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. That’s part of the charm of livestreaming. It’s live, it’s raw, it’s real.


In the end, whether you should dive into weekly livestreaming is totally up to you. It’s about balancing your passion to share your world with the commitment it requires. Just remember, the internet can be a wonderful place to connect with people and share what you love. But like a cat, it can also be unpredictable. So, go forth with an open mind and a sense of humor. Whether you decide to stream or not, just keep being you.

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